209 Blackout

February 27, 2009

Today we did a new try on going to the coffeehouse – which we planned to do last week – when Dude at the end had to work instead. But today we went. The weather was a little bit unstable.. raining and windy.. But we decided to not postpone it for another week. We aren’t going out like that a lot.. We would like to do it more but are usually too busy with kids, work, studies etc.

But then boooooom! Lightning struck… just when we were in the line to order our coffee and salmon sandwich. And some main transformer for Ma’ale Adumim broke.. so we ended up having a blackout for 6,5 hours. So no coffee… We had nothing to do but going home again. New try next week..

With a bunch of candles, gas stove, and the kids playing with flashlights.. we ended up having quite a nice – and different afternoon. The kids get more involved with how to make guaccamole if you make it on the table with candles next to you in order to see what you are doing. It’s somehow more interesting that way.

The weather report predicts scattered showers and thunderstorms for three days now.. yeay!!

E (the boy) is starting to show interest for the piano.. We are thinking of starting to teach him some.. My husband will teach him some theory and I will teach him to improvise and play some easy songs.. I think we’ll start with twinkle twinkle little star or something.



  1. It sounds like you took a mishap and turned it into a fun time. I love salmon sandwiches. How are they prepared over your way? I think teaching E the piano is an excellent idea. The younger the better. Good luck.

  2. Yes we had a fun time.. it made the entire day different from all other days and the kids loved it!!
    The salmon sandwiches here.. I didn’t have one for such a long time so I actually don’t remember. Hopefully there will be another try going to the coffee house soon… and then I will know. 🙂

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