207 Funny translations

February 23, 2009

I don’t even know why I care.. when it comes to translations..

There are lots of words and expressions that you can’t just translate and that’s it.. it wouldn’t be understandable, or it would even be pervert.. or whatever..

During the Gaza war I went one day to copy the key to the bomb shelter so that all families in this building would have their own key.. so I went to the place where they do it.. and asked them to copy it – using the same word in Hebrew as you use when you are talking about a copy-machine. I was aware that was probably not the right word.. but whatever.
The guy looked at me.. smiled and said. “What? Do you want me to copy it? Put it in the copy machine?” I just love that kind of reaction.. 🙂 and he got to teach me the right word for it.

I love the fact that languages are different.. Here’s another example..

In Swedish – when talking about electric plugs and sockets you say the plug is male and the socket is female.. That’s the easiest way to explain which one you mean.. turns out not everybody is as pervert as the Swedes when talking about these thingies in other languages. Wuups..

So.. it doesn’t even matter if I know better.. I am going to continue making this kind of translations of words and expressions. I mean – why not?


One comment

  1. We also say “male” and “female” when referring to that.

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