206 We have curtains!!

February 23, 2009

Yesterday I put up curtains in the living room. Yeay me! We’ve been living here for more than half a year without.. I know it sounds strange.. I know in Sweden it would be out of question to not have curtains.. I don’t know about the States. But here in Israel it is really not a big deal. Many people live without curtains in their home. It is nice to have them – but nobody would miss them if you don’t have them

I like curtains.. and prefer to have them!! I just had to get my ass out from the stroller (I don’t know if it is ok to say so even.. I just translated from Swedish) and fix it.. and now it’s done!!



  1. I think most people here (in the states) have curtains. I like them for making the room look and feel a little warmer. I guess if nobody can see you dressing, why would you need them? A lot of people like them for privacy but I just think they dress up a window. I could run around naked all day and nobody lives close enough to me to see but I still have them up.

  2. Yes of course it looks nice.. that’s why I want curtains too. It changes the entire room.
    For privacy we don’t need curtains… even though we have lots of neighbors. But we have other stuff for covering the windows in the night etc. I have really no idea what the word for it is in English. In Hebrew we say “trissim”.

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