199 Now enough.. ok??

February 14, 2009

I know..this is crazy. We are still sick!!

After two kids with pneumonia + ear infection.. we started to see light in the end of the tunnel.. But that turned out being a giant train!

First E caught the flu.. and then the baby.. then me.. and finally the other E last Monday.. and she is STILL sick.. So tomorrow we have to take her to the doctor.. again. Why don’t we all take our sleeping bags and stay at the doctor’s until we are done with this?? We decided on keeping both of them home from Kindergarten now until both of them are healthy. We have been sick for like.. a month? now. The kids forgot how it is to go to school.. They haven’t been there much the last month.


Dude is healthy.. and I’ll try not to not breathe on him.


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