196 duh!!!!

February 2, 2009

Yep.. we are still alive..

Though the three-year-old is sick.. pneumonia and both-sides ear infection. Yeay. She is already starting to feel better… but now the four-year-old is having exactly the same symtoms… I’m pretty sure he’s gonna end up with antibiotics too. 😦 I’ll take him to the doctor tomorrow.

It isn’t really going very well with my essay at the moment. I don’t find any time to study except for in the evening when I’m so freaky tired that I just can’t read and understand what I’m reading. The kids were home from kindergarten last week.. and now this week too. I don’t even know what to do any longer.


One comment

  1. Poor little guys. Tis the time of year for all this illness. I hope you all are holding up okay. It’s no wonder you can’t concentrate. Who’d be able to?? Take care.

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