194 Sleepy

January 19, 2009

I like the new routine..
I have no problem getting up in the morning to prepare the kids for kindergarten.
I like dropping them at kindergarten in the morning.. it’s a nice morning walk for me and the baby
I like that dude is coming home early enough to play with the kids a bit and put them to sleep.
I like it.. It is good!!

There is only one problem. I’m so sleepy all the time. Every time I sit down I’m falling asleep. When eating lunch with the kids after school I almost fall asleep. When I study I fall asleep. As a matter of fact – the only time when I don’t fall a sleep – is in the evening when I try to fall asleep. It is so annoying.. and it’s not good for my essay. I can’t study because the words are dancing after reading two pages.. and the third page I’m not even able to finish.

I hope I’ll get used to this.



  1. Big hug from me! We’ll get through this… somehow.

  2. Poor thing.. this too shall pass….

  3. I know it seems bleak now but believe it or not, you will get used to this and so will your internal time clock. It’s just very new yet. Good luck.

  4. What happen to all that caffine you indulge in? 🙂

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