191 Rocket alarm in the Jerusalem area

January 14, 2009

I really lost all inspiration to blog here.. I guess I’ll some time come back to my old me again..

Today there was a rocket alarm in the entire Jerusalem area – including where we live. I was on my way to kindergarten to pick up the kids when the alarm went off. I just realized that there was no place to hide.. I was too far away from everything.. so I kept walking and listning and looking if something would happen.  Was it only for practice? Noo.. then the siren is not supposed to go up and down. This must be the real one.. Oh well.. There is nothing I can do.
I saw our kindergarten down the hill how the teachers quickly got all the kids in to the bomb shelter… a very fast reaction on something very unexpected.

Nothing happened.. Turns out it was a mistaken tracking.. the computerized air raid system tracked the rocket wrong. It wasn’t fired towards the Jerusalem area as the system predicted. Read more

Dude is NOW going to talk with the neigbors.. we want to have a key to the bomb shelter.. nobody seems to care at all.. But we do. Not that we think that something will happen here. But if there is a shelter we should have a key to it!! Just in case..

Now food and a Seinfeld episode as soon as dude comes back..

Maybe another post later this evening..



  1. […] Life and thoughts of a superior being Would you like some coffee? « §276 Discrimination §277 Daddy, why is there war? January 14, 2009 Today the alarms sounded in Jerusalem. It was just me, the boss and a volunteer in the office. We went downstairs, then back up. Tried to check the internet, tried to call municipality (busy). Turned on the radio. What’s going on? The war can’t have reached here, right? It must be some sort of drill… but no one notified us. A quick check with my wife confirmed that it’s the same home in Ma’ale Adumim. She was just on her way to pick up the kids. She wrote about her experience here […]

  2. This is very scary. My heart goes out to you. Please be safe.

  3. My heart broke, wish I could put an invisible shield around you all and keep you safe instead I pray that what needs to be resolved is resolved and that you stay safe. Hang in there and sending you 5 huge hugs!

  4. That’s a bit frightening. Though it was nice to see that the kids were taken care of at the school.

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