189 Winter

January 1, 2009

It’s winter!! And we are cold!! And I miss the central heating and houses with insulation. I hate being cold.. and the humidity..

Good thing – we bought a new heater before the temperature dropped..
And it’s only for a couple of months.. and then we’ll have spring again.



  1. I sure know what you mean. It’s -1 here today. That’s Fahrenheit. Hope you keep warm.

  2. Yes that is a lot colder than we ever have here.. here we reach the point when water is freezing only a couple of times every winter. At the moment it reaches 37 in the night and 45 in the day. The problem here is that the houses are not built for it.. I suppose the houses were you live are more similar to the ones they have in Sweden where I grew up.. with insulation, central heating and three layer windows etc.

  3. I hate cold too. I find winter to be the worst season.

  4. I wish it would cool off here just a bit. Not much but maybe 20 degrees or so. Predicted high here today is 76!

  5. mssc54 – but that’s the most perfect temperature.. if you ask me. Is it supposed to be winter? where do you live?

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