184 Hannukkah is coming up

December 16, 2008

Next week already is Hannukkah!
And I’m busy getting the last presents for the kids. They are going to get one present each for eight days.. Well this year also hubby’s parent’s sent them presents for Hannukkah so they are going to get two presents every day.

Hannukkah is a holiday when you light a lot of candles… very nice and cozy in the winter.. The thing here is that the winter didn’t really come yet. We haven’t put on the heating this far, and we have mainly nice weather. But I guess that’s not going to stop Hannukkah from coming.



  1. I’m assuming you’re probably baking and cleaning, too?

  2. Naa.. not more than usual actually. Hannukkah is not a big holiday. I know it’s bigger in the states because the jews there feel some kind of need to compete with christmas. But here it’s not big.. For us the big holidays are Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles.

  3. Hannukkah I don’t know much of but it sounds like an awesome time filled with tradition and yummy food and love! Hope you all are well!

  4. My son Bailey would love the idea of Hanukkah….a present everyday for 8 days!! By the way I love your visitor thingy on the side here…how cool! I never take the time to go to any of our loyal bloggers so I am today. I really like yours!!

  5. […] Hannukkah is coming up and Christmas as well, times are rough for some, perhaps more than some, Rocking Christmas Without Cash is not as hard as it sounds.  First thing though is the question of those Christmas cards, personally I don’t send them because I like to save the trees, the ink and look after the planet… ok… fine… I’ll admit it… I’m a lazyass but so are you right? [place yes here] […]

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