182 Super cute

December 11, 2008

I’m aware that my blog doesn’t really look the same it used to … nowadays it’s mainly posts about family and kids. I just don’t have time for every day – blogging.. and the result is a “quick update” once in a while.

Winter is on it’s way to us.. slowly slowly. To be honest I thought we would be in the middle of it by now.. but no. We aren’t. Though the temperatures are starting to drop, and it’s getting colder in the house. We didn’t turn on the heating yet.. we want to wait as long as possible. And still it’s ok. Only in the evening I’m getting a little bit cold.

The kids enjoy playing outside in the cool but sunny weather.. it’s a new world for the baby (new nickname please..she’s soon 14 months) Today she was running after her ball in the garden – giggeling so hard that she almost couldn’t walk. It’s amazing to see a little kid learning about the world.. enjoying every moment.. making cat noises every time she sees a cat, watching a pigeon for almost five minutes.. like she never saw one in her entire life – which is probably true.. She is picking flowers that fell down from the neighbors balcony, collecting them in her little bucket – walking around all happy about what she found.. When we get in she’s bringing her shoes back to their place – all happy that she knows where they go. She’s practising bringing dirty clothes to the laundry room.. but is getting to exited on the way to there – so she’s dropping them on the kitchen floor and gets there empty handed.
I can watch her for hours.. I can take thousands of pictures. I try to enjoy every moment – because I know this super cute age will be replaced by another age.. cute in another way.. pretty soon.



  1. You should enjoy and embrace each moment. You are so far ahead of the game here that you do. So many women are so overwhelmed by life that they miss out on these important times with their children. Only later to regret it. You never get this time back.

  2. Aah! It is a great age hey! when they laugh at themselves. Yeah… Enjoy every minute of it. The beauty of experiencing things for the first time through their eyes.

  3. I still call my “baby” my “baby” and he’s 28!!!! Not to his face of course but you get my idea. Watching them grow and explore is the best thing ever. ENJOY it please because there will come a day you’ll wonder where it went.

    I woke up to a huge amount of snow this morning with a temp at 8 below zero!! It’s very cold today.

  4. I miss that age so much. Watching them discover new things. Soak it up!!!! My son is 8 going on 18!! Still fun just in different ways.

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