180 Back to Kindergarten tomorrow

December 4, 2008

Tomorrow the kids are going back to Kindergarten!
They are happy
I am happy!

They are used to be entertained from 7.30am until 1pm five days a week. Four days at home and they don’t really know what to do with all the energy! Today has been a crazy day. We went out in the morning.. and they ended up coughing every two seconds the whole way home. People who saw/heard us must have been wondering what we were doing outside with such sick kids. But what can I do?? They are climbing on the walls at home!!

And no matter how much I try to entertain them.. playing with them.. doing hand craft etc.. they still want daddy home and me working because they think that would be more fun. They don’t realize nothing would be done at home that way. I guess .. that they will some time learn to appreciate clean clothes, food etc..


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