175 Good much and too much

November 28, 2008

There’s a very very fine line between good much and too much… and the best – is to live on the edge…

I have to say.. in some way life is more satisfying when there’s a lot to do… no time to be bored. 🙂 I like to put up goals.. and do what I planned to do.. I like to look at everything afterwards – and see that I managed.

Though sometimes it becomes too much. But I like to see – after getting through that… that even when it feels impossible – somehow you can make it anyway.

At the moment the kitchen is half painted.. still. I’ll finish that next week. The paper for Sunday is not done yet.. a lot left to do.. but I’ll make it. Now is shabat.. time to rest.. to recharge the batteries and get ready for a new week.

Today I had a good day… running errands in Jerusalem. It’s nice to get out once in a while. I don’t do that a lot… We’re living in a small town.. and I get out of here not even every month!! But today I had some things to look for in town.. so I left the baby home with dude and went… and ended up having a nice time with our temporarily adopted little sister (who is soon leaving and is not gonna be so adopted any longer…) I also got to see my parents over a cup of coffe.. busy days.. We’re gonna see them more later.

hmm.. was there anything more?



Don’t worry.. we’re doing just fine!! =) It’s just that we’re focusing mainly on the IRL-life at the moment.
We miss you guys!! And we’ll be back… some time..


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