174 Painting Kitchen

November 25, 2008

Most people who are busy – do what they need to do – and skip other things.

When I’m busy.. I do a lot of things that I don’t have to do at the moment. The more to do – the more motivation to finish everything in time.. So in some way we gain a lot on having a busy me. We get a lot of things done that never would be done if I wasn’t busy. I’m on or off… never in between!

So now.. I’m a bit behind with the studies.. (don’t worry.. it’ll be ok. I’ll for sure speed up towards the end of the week) and I finally got started with the “painting kitchen”-project. Now – that is badly needed. Seriously I’ve never seen more disgusting kitchen walls before.. Not what you want to have around you when cooking and baking. uuh! We’ve had everything for it since we moved in – beginning of July..  But only now I got “my ass out of the stroller” (I guess you can’t say that in English but you get the picture – right?) and got started.

So hello from the planet where there is always change in the air.. and lots of things going on. At least we never get bored.



  1. Thats what I like about you.. nothing like a little pressure added to the mix of painting…lol. You are so cute. Big hugs!

  2. I think you might be a little crazy. You have kids, school work, house work, and now painting? Wow. How do you do it?

  3. yep I am crazy.. But I need to have projects going on all the time. It makes me feel good.:)
    Also.. I’m the only one doing these things in the house. My husband doesn’t know how to paint and to use the hammer drill etc. So if I want to do something.. I do it by myself. 🙂

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