168 Creative Cooking

November 14, 2008

Todays dinner…


The heart is made from ground meat (mixed with other stuff of course). And the vegetables are onions, yellow peppers and carrots. Why make the food boring when you don’t have to? Use your creative mind and try something new!



  1. Awwws that is too cute! Phew going to get back into cooking soon and can’t wait!!! Actually quite nervous nows! Phew

  2. That’s super cute. Aren’t you suppose to be too busy with raising kids and studying to do something like that?

  3. faemom – yes.. but not on Fridays. Friday afternoon I usually get to spend alone in the kitchen to prepare for sabbath.. and then my husband keeps the kids out of my way. 🙂 Also – once a creative idea is born it usually doesn’t take much longer time than to do something regular..

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