167 How I miss baking

November 13, 2008

Today when I was baking cookies wih the kids I realized how much I miss baking. I used to bake all our bread for a long time… but I stopped – due to too many babies running around the stove – and eczema. Since then I bake a cake, or cookies, once in a while.. no more.

But today I realized how much I really miss it.. and I ran out to the store with the kids to buy some flour and yeast.. So tomorrow morning I’m gonna bake fresh bread for sabbath!! 🙂 That’s a good therapy when I have a break from studying… And it leaves such a nice smell in the house.. and it’s yummy for sabbath breakfast. Yeay!



  1. I’m relearning how much I love baking, coffee cakes, cookies, dumplings. Since I have a horrible time at making my bread rise, I’ve been cheating and using the bread maker.

  2. What time should I be there for fresh bread and coffee??? I can almost smell it from here. Have fun.

  3. Ahhhhh… sounds so wonderful. I need to come to Israel to get spoiled.

  4. You come whenever you want! Only leave me a couple of hours notice and the fresh bread and coffee will be ready!! 😉

  5. Am with Amber we’re coming together I swears it! YUM!

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