164 Reorganizing

November 10, 2008

We’re reorganizing the furniture here… Two days ago I did our bedroom. Before the bed was under the window. And I’m not sure – but that might be the reason to the pain in my shoulders the last week. Sleeping next to window in the winter is maybe not that a good idea.. Though I’m happy we reorganized.. it’s actually better this way. 🙂

Tonight we did the livingroom. Honestly I liked it better the way we had it before. The only problem is that the floor is VERY uneven where we had the dining table.. not good for the chairs. So now we moved everything so we don’t have anything at the spot where the floor is uneven..

We’re also thinking of maybe switching rooms for the kids to hopefully get them to fight less. At the moment the big ones share room, and the baby has her own. Now we’re thinking that we should maybe move E to the baby, so there will be one boys’ room and one girls’ room. Everybody is happy for this idea  – except for the lucky boy who is going to get his own – private room.. without sisters in it. Funny kid who actually wants to share room with somebody. :/ hmm.. ? He said that if we move E to the baby’s room we’ll have to move daddy to his room. Myself I’m not so sure about that.. I prefer to keep dude in my room.. 😉



  1. Maybe Big E could share with little T and Middle E could have a room of her own?

  2. Well.. he also suggested that.. but he can’t live without all his small toys.. books, and other stuff.. and he is the one who is going into the room and closing the door in order to play without getting interrupted. And he is getting so upset when little T is destroying something for him.. So that’s not really an option.

  3. I’m assuming your husband doesn’t snore because I don’t think I would mind if mine moved into some one else’s room. All that re-organizing must be fun with a different view.

  4. oh no.. Did you try to flip him over to his belly? That sometimes works..
    Yes.. I love reorganizing once in a while.. It makes everything look so new and different 🙂

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