163 Poor little boy

November 9, 2008

This evening I took E to the doctor. He has not been feeling so well the last few weeks.. fever coming and going.. I have known all the time it’s an ear infection. But the doctor doesn’t want to treat it unless the fever is really high – or it’s been going on for a long time. Today he had high fever – and it has been going on for weeks. So today was the day!! Now he is on on antibiotics and I hope he’ll get rid of the infection for this time. This is his first treatment this “winter”(not really winter yet) .. Last year he had like five or something.. I really hope it will be less this year. Poor little boy.. 😦 I hope he’ll feel better soon.

So.. instead of running errands with the baby tomorrow morning I’ll be stuck home with three kiddos. Hubby will take the opportunity to leave for work early now that he doesn’t have to drop the kids at kindergarten first. So I guess that means that I’ll be up with the kids at 6.



  1. Han kanske skulle ha nytta av rör i öronen?

  2. I hope he’s on the mend really soon. Poor little guy.

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