162 The small moments..

November 8, 2008

The last few days have been busy.. I guess this is how it’s going to be. No spare time.. but on the other hand no time to get bored.

Yesterday I ended up in Jerusalem for a couple of hours. Something I needed to do at the bank kind of didn’t work so I had to go.. so I took the first bus possible. I really didn’t have time for it.. but I didn’t have any choice either. And since I don’t leave MA (30-35000 inhabitants) a lot – I decided to enjoy the trip and have fun instead of thinking about the time I was loosing. So I went.. solved the problem, and went to our temporarily adopted sister for some coffee.. and had a good time. By the time I got back to MA it was already time to go straight from the bus to Kindergarten and pick up E.. The other E was home sick with dude.

Then.. we had a wonderful sabbath.. with rest.. praise God who invented that day!! Badly needed..

Now.. a new week. It’s time to get started with the new week.. with a lot to study and other stuff to do.. Life is busy. And we are looking out for the small moments.. some time now and then to rest.. be together.. sleep. Sure we are busy and we don’t have much time. But nothing can take away from us what we have. We are happy… happy to have eachother – and thankful for our adorable kids. We never stop laughing together.. that’s actually how we usually fall asleep.. humor is never better than after midnight. 😉 And the kids.. they are just so cute.. and make us happy. They might drive us crazy once in a while.. but they also make us smile.. they are truly a gift.. and we love them so much.

What we have together, as a family, is what makes life worth living.




  1. Amen and halleluyah. I love you. Have I mentioned that yet? Actually I don’t think a single day has passed by without me saying that since August 2001. But just in case I’ll say it again: I love you.

    The time we can snatch away from our busy schedules are indeed precious. The talks, the laughs… oh, the laughs. How happy I am that I found you and not some boring normal person.

    I love you, my beautiful weirdo!

  2. Amen and halleluyah indeed. I had a crazy week as well. I was in NY. Came back and that was all I really wanted. We are truly blessed. No matter what happens. We are blessed to have the love around our family.

    thatdudeyouknow – People laugh at me already when they travel with me. I am always on the phone with my kids and my wife. Telling them how much I love them. First thing in the morning and last thing at night. And as many times as possible in between. Never stop saying it. Actually, that’s a stupid thing to say because I know you won’t forget.

  3. Så skönt att höra att ni har det bra trots allt, det verkar lite väl jobbigt för er ibland. Kram!

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