160 Blonde blue-eyed baby for sale?

November 5, 2008


Yesterday when I was out shopping with our baby – Twice(!!) somebody came up to me and asked if the baby was for sale.. First time was an old man with a walking stick – when we were on our way into the elevator. He asked if she was for sale.. and how much. Second time was at the two shekel store.. a man, age maybe 35-40 – who asked if she was also only two shekels. I tell you.. this is not the first time! Blonde blue eyed babies are apparently popular..

Ok.. I get that it’s a joke. But hey.. why?? why would that be funny? I don’t even know how to respond to such a stupid question.. or joke.. call it whatever. What should I say?? I don’t want to laugh – because I don’t think it’s funny. It’s not funny! It’s stupid!! Would you ask a stranger if her baby was for sale – as a joke??

And seriously.. It would be easier to accept that kind of joke from a woman.. but from men?? I know it’s wrong to take all men who like kids for pedofiles. But still..

I don’t get it..

We’d better watch out.. our kids are way too cute.. and are too blonde – especially the little one. It’s unusual to be blonde here .. which somehow makes it more attractive.



  1. I hate this as well and you are right, I’d take it better from a woman than a man… to me that is just creepy!

  2. I just tell them that they’re for sale in an aisle two aisles over.

  3. faemom – wow! that is a good answer. I’ll use that! 🙂

  4. Well, there are quite a lot of female pedophiles as well. But it is kind of a lame joke, why not say something nice instead, like that she’s a very pretty baby?

  5. I bet if you ask them if they are a pedofile they would stop asking such questions. 😉

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