156 Reading to the dog

November 3, 2008

Yep I’m back with the stupid news..

This time it’s about something very local in the little town Skövde in Sweden. So sorry folks – I can’t find any article about this in English. Here comes a very bad google translate version.

The new thing is that they recommend kids to read their homework loud for the dog!! A dog doesn’t judge and you practice hearing your own voice when you are reading. A study shows that most kids liked that somebody was listening.. even though a few experienced that the dog either fell asleep or ran away.

Myself I get only one picture in my head…


And also.. I think it’s sad when kids need to turn to the dog to get somebody to listen..


One comment

  1. I had to read out loud as a kid to practice when to puase and breathe. I had no one to listen to me as my mom was busy helping my brothers with their own homework. I don’t know if a dog would have stayed put. But it did help me read out loud better.

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