153 New hair

October 31, 2008

So today was the day…



  1. Vad fin du blev!!! 😀
    Superfin i håret, och din panna är inte så hög som du tror!
    Och du ser inte ut som en snorunge, jag lovar!

  2. You look beautiful!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!! Did you enjoy it??? grow those bangs out a bit.. and you got it going sister! 🙂

    Im sorry I wasn’t home when you got back. I bet you feel so great! Yay!! I thought about you. I had a hospital appointment I couldn’t miss today. Sending you big hugs.

  3. Absolutely stunning WOW you look so wows!!!

  4. I already told you in person, but I’ll tell you here also. You look great! I honestly didn’t think that I’d like the new more mature look better than the long hair and school girl look. But I absolutely do! You are stunning, my beautiful wife!

  5. You look great!

  6. Yes indeed, that is so darn cute.

  7. I like it! I don’t generally know “hair”, but this looks really good on you.

  8. Thanks to all of you!! 🙂

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