152 A stomach filled with air

October 31, 2008

Thursday today.. the day when we keep the kids home from kindergarten.

We had a beautiful day.. mostly sunny – and warm enough to wear only a t-shirt, but cold enough to not be sweating… And the air so clean and fresh after yesterdays rains. I tried to convience the kids to be out in the garden a lot today – I told them it’s healthy to breathe fresh air. The three-year-old kept saying she filled her stomach with air, and after a couple of hours the four-year-old was tired of being in the garden.. so he came in and claimed he had got too much fresh air. šŸ™‚

The afternoon I spent cleaning the whole house.. No matter how much I clean it’s still dirty. The problem is that the kids make a mess faster than I can clean.. I tried to get them to stay on the couch when cleaning the floor – but ended up having a three-year-oldĀ tiptoing around on the wet floor – wetting her socks. And that was only one of her hundreds of reasons to spend the whole afternoon crying.. TIred little girl today.. IĀ tried to keep her in a good mood.. though it didn’t work so well.. and they had way to much chocolate and cookies today. We went out for a walk too.. to avoid another couple of hours of crying..Ā At 5 pm she fell asleep in the middle of praying before going to sleep. I hope she’s gonna be ok tomorrow again.

Well.. when anyway writing about the kids..

Every time we go out – we see lots of these propaganda signs for the municipality elections.. so there are huge pictures of the mayor, and potential future mayors. And of course dude taught the kids about these. So now every time we pass one of these signs our four-year-old is pointing and saying. “There’s the one who decides” (makes more sense in Swedish), and “There’s the one who doesn’t decide, but wants to decide.” Local politics on a four-year-old’s level… huh?

I haveĀ read only half of the essay I should have read this evening. Time is running faster than I am. Though there’s nothing to worry about. I’ll have another two evenings to work on this test, so I’ll be ok – I hope.

Tomorrow is the big day… I’m gonna go to the hairdresser for the first time in my entire life. Wish me luck!



  1. you’ll look beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to see!

    Kiss the kids for me. Enjoy them while they are little.. you’ll miss these days soon.

  2. Oh WOWS I can’t wait to see you so have to get Dude to take a photo for us oks! Good luck and make sure they serve you coffeee!!!!!

  3. First off a quote from some I forgot “Picking up after kids is like shoveling snow while it’s still falling.” I don’t usually clean unless the boys are safely tucked in bed.

    Two, that is so cute about pointing to the one who decides and the one who wants too.

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