¤ 148 Rain, Adorable Kids and Apple Pie

October 28, 2008

For about a week the weather reports have been saying partly cloudy with rain possible, occasional rain, rainy etc. We’re waiting for the rain.. the badly needed water – for our dry country. The sea level in Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is meters under the line.. and even under the line where the experts don’t even know when the water will be undrinkable. Today we actually had some rain.. but not enough. We need more, and we will continue praying for more rain.
I usually say that I don’t need rain myself.. I don’t like to go out when it’s raining. But WE need rain. We can’t live without it. We’re living in the desert – and our main source for water is Kinneret. We want to see the desert green again.. like it’s supposed to be in the winter. – and we want to know that we still have water to drink next week.. that we still have water for all the fruit trees.. that we will have fruits and vegetables to for a reasonable price next year. And that’s why we pray – for rain.

This is not at all what I was planning to write about.. wuups.

Anyway.. a nice – though rainy day. The kids had a great time at Kindergarten. For different reasons both the regular teachers haven’t been there this far this week.. There are two others that we didn’t know before – suddenly taking care of the whole group – 34 kids. That must be tough.. to be thrown into something like that.
When I went to pick up the kids.. both these teachers came up to me- not together.. one at the time.. without knowing the other one did the same thing – and told me how adorable our kids are.. that they are special, that we’ve done a great work raising them to what they are.. and that we shouldn’t forget to appriciate how great they are. I tell you.. this is music to mommy’s ears!!

Now evening.. the girls are already sleeping and the boy is putting on his pyjama.. soon going to sleep. Dude is late from work today.
We both have a lot to do with our studies.. but I’ll bake an apple pie.. and then tell him that apple pie goes only together with Friends.. so we’ll get to see at least one episode. 🙂 Great plan -huh?



  1. It was a great plan!

  2. yep. My apple pie is the best!

  3. mmmm apple pie… cept can you make mine apple crumble? I don’t like crust!

    I wanna come too! lol Is there room on the couch for me???

  4. Ooo ooo and me me me please, or even I sit on floor, but coffee AND apple yummies well now you might get a stalker!

  5. There is room for both of you.. You’re more than welcome. We finished the pie – but I promise to make a new one if you come. ok? 😉

  6. I just love your new theme. It’s so nice and bright. I had a very hard time reading your old one. This is so great.

    Great job on the kids. That really is music to a Mother’s ear.

    I’m not a fan of sweets but can I come for the coffee and the friends?

  7. Joy – Of course you’re welcome!!

    The new theme is thanks to Amber.. 😉 with a little help from SF. I like it too.

  8. That’s awesome that the teachers said that. Don’t you love looking like the number one mom.

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