¤ 144 Well needed rest

October 26, 2008

Today is Sunday.. Holidays are over and we are back to routine. The kids are back in Kindergarten, and I’m home alone with the baby.

Today I don’t do so much.. this is my morning of well needed rest. The baby has been napping now for a couple of hours.. and I do nothing! Feels great.. I have to recharge my batteries after this last month.. I don’t even feel bad about not doing anything serious. I need this. But only for today. I have a lot to do this week.. and the next.. and the next.. until June.

So now.. coffee.. just resting, having a great time.. listening to the voices in my head.. I didn’t hear them for a while because of all the noise!! Aaaah. so.. only the chocolate missing!



  1. *hands over the biggest yummiest slabs of chocolate* glads you be restin!

  2. Keep on listening to those voices. Only start getting worried if you start answering them…

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