¤ 143 Smelly Cat…

October 25, 2008

Cats… What is a cat – to you?

I can refer to cats in two different ways.. because I have been living in two different countries.

To start with Sweden.. You have cat people, dog people, and people who are neither.

In Israel you have cats – and you have people. 😉

Where we live… the bushes are full of cats. You can’t go out with the trash – without meeting lots of cats. They are everywhere where there are people – and they often live close to the trash containers.. because they know that’s where they will find food. The cats are wild .. and many of them are also dirty and sick. But still people keep feeding them. Instead of putting leftovers in a plastic bag – throwing into the trash can – some people put it out for the cats.

I have seen so many reactions on this cat thing from people from abroad. Some people are so happy there are so many cute cats.. they want to pet them, pick them up .. and treat them like any Swedish house cat. That’s when I go eeww eeww eeww!! These cats are seriously disgusting!! They live in the trash. They eat trash, they are sick, malnourished, sometimes with an eye missing etc. Who knows what they were rolling in the second before you met them..? again eeww!!

On the other hand… I’m also feeding them once in a while.. And now you wonder why..?

Well.. first let me tell about the other kind of people.. The ones who actually see that these creatures are ugly, disgusting, creepy and ichsa. Their response..? -Why are all the cats here? Why can’t they just capture them and kill them and then we are done??
-Well.. we could do that. But we don’t want to.. And this is not about feeling sorry for the cats.

Ok.. I’ll tell you.
See.. we live in the desert.. Who is more living in the desert?? Yep.. snakes and scorpions. A few years ago we were even living in a place where the desert started about three meters away from our front door. Do we want snakes in the garden?? No we don’t! What is the best way to keep snakes away from the garden?? – Have cats there instead and the snakes will visit somebody else!! So that’s why we have the bushes full of cats – and that’s how we want it to be.

Yeah.. I have to show you this too. It’s an article (unfortunately in Swedish) about some woman making hats and purses from cat skin. The authorities decided to reduce the amount of cats so they won’t kill to many parrots – because the parrots are endangered. So what this woman is doing is that she is helping the authorities to capture cats.. and instead of just throwing them in the trash she is using the skin. Now of course cat lovers are very upset about this.

But hey… catlovers.. Tell me!! Have you ever been in a place where the cats are wild, sick and disgusting.. and there are thousands of them in the bushes.. and they are really a problem to the society?? If not.. Who are you to judge? You eat meat.. you wear leather shoes. But you think it’s terrible to make a hat from cat skin..? hrmpf!
To be honest.. I don’t see a problem with that. In some parts of the world they eat cat meat. I wouldn’t do that.. it’s not kosher.. and it’s not what you do in this part of the world. But seriously – what’s the big deal?? Ask somebody from India about eating beef., or a Jew or a Muslim about eating pork and sea food – and you’ll hear a whole other story than you are used to.




  1. I think the psychology of wearing a pet just is beyond me, I know for one I couldn’t do it but I do know of the infestation you talk of. It was the same in Saudi although there no cat can be legally killed so they just drive them into the middle of the desert and tell them to go to Allah… the cats were EVERYWHERE and they smelt like rotten bottom!

  2. This is so sad to me. I’m really a cat person. I guess we are conditioned to eat by our customs. I wouldn’t want to eat a cat or a dog. Given the circumstances, I might wear the fur. Like you say, what’s the difference if you eat meat and wear other types of animal hides on your feet. I see a lot of cats get dropped off here in the country by “city” people who don’t want them and think all of us “farmers” will let them live in our barns and we will feed them. And we do. What else does a person with a heart do??

  3. Thanks for your response. 🙂 I wrote this post mainly to show there are other kinds of cats than those regular house cats – who ARE nice and cute etc. I’m not a cat person – but house cats I do like. And I know it’s hard for cat persons to see how the poor cats live here. Lots of them are miserable and we can’t help them in any other way than feeding them. We can’t feed them too close to our house either because then they will bring their friends and then we have a pretty cat choir waiting and screaming outside our kitchen window.

    I wouldn’t wear cat fur either.. Not that I think it would be wrong.. but because it would be weird. And eating cat meat would be over my dead body. But I can’t see what is wrong with using the skin or the fur if you anyway have to get rid of wild cats. I wouldn’t judge those who do it. It’s all about which animals we recognize as pets – and which ones we don’t.

  4. I wear a cat outfit almost every single day. We have three cats. And one of them will jump on me and hang on like a piece of clothing.

    But they don’t keep the snakes away. Just the cold when they curl up at our feet.

    In all honesty, I am not a cat person. I want to feel superior to my pets. But cats don’t get that!

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