¤ 142 Healthy farting

October 24, 2008

The smell of a fart might be not so pleasant, but the fact is – it might be healthy to smell it.

We all recognize it.. the sudden smell around the table, on the bus, at work… etc. The unpleasant smell of the gas is called hydrogen sulfide – and most of us can smell it even in very small concentrations – like in a fart. Yep.. it stinks!! Hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten egg.

Did you by the way ever think about – that every time you smell a fart – that means you have somebody’s bowel contents in your lungs. Eeeww!!

So – now what is this post really about??

Well – studies show that hydrogen sulfide has good effects on high blood pressure – and can even be used as a treatment – and will probably be in the future.

So tell me – are we gonna inhale that medicine?? Would a husband with very bad farts be enough as treatment?

Check this out..


One comment

  1. ROFL! One for the books… too funny!!!

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