¤ 139 Schedule doesn’t look pretty

October 23, 2008

Reducing my blog activity, See you later, what is this all about? Tell me! A club? Can I join?

Reality came back and bit me in the ass. For a long time – let’s say a month – there has been less pressure in school.. I have no idea why.. Either I missed something essential (but I really don’t think I did) or it just happened to be a very good timing with our holidays.. But now holidays are over and so is the time with less pressure. Help me to breathe – somebody!! The schedule is not pretty..

In some way it will also become easier.. From Sunday the two oldest kids will be back in Kindergarten, and I will get more time for myself and for studying etc. At the moment I’m exhausted.. The kids have been home for two weeks now.. nothing wrong with that. But together with all the extra stuff to do between all the holidays.. I admit it..I’m exhausted. I’m longing for some time with a little bit more silence.  I’m happy the holidays are over for this time – and I’m happy the kids are going back to school. Normal life.. routines, the ability to do something.. to read a text, make a sandwich, write a shopping list – without beeing interrupted every ten seconds.. sounds like music to me..!! The last few days I have even had difficulties to read a nice easy interesting blog. I keep reading the same line over and over again – and it seems like greek to me – but I know it’s not. It’s only me beeing tired.
Actually kindergarten started already today – but because of different reasons we’re sending the kids back only by Sunday.

As for the blog… this of course the back to reality thingie means that I will have less time. Real life is real life – blog is blog. I’m not going to make a complete list of my RSS like dude did. I’ll just say – If you see me around – I am around. If I don’t comment – I might still be there, but maybe I just dot have enough time and energy to leave a reply. I will probably blog less – but I won’t stop blogging. And those who I (we) really care about.. we won’t care less..we’re just more busy.



  1. Hugs and kisses to both of you.. 🙂 We are family right???? No excuses needed.

  2. Of course we are 😉

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