¤ 135 The last of the holidays for this time

October 21, 2008

Sukkot is over. Now is Simchat Torah. Tonigth we’ll take the sukkah down again.. This week went very fast.

Now we don’t have any holidays until december. Hanukkah will be around December 22nd I think.. So we’ll have a long break from holidays now. And to be honest.. that’s nice. After a whole month full of holidays it feels good to go back to normal schedule again. The kids are becoming a bit restless from being at home all the time. They are not used to it.

Baby started walking today!! Finally!! She has had the balance for a long time already – but refused to try to walk without holding something. But today she did it.. several times. She’s so cute! 🙂


One comment

  1. She is so cute, those first steps !!! Congrats to the family must’ve been awesome and so close to her birthday as well!

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