¤ 132 One should have a thingie

October 20, 2008

OK, first of all, pretty please American readers – give me the word in English for this thingie!!

I went shopping today.. one of these days when I don’t shop enough to make it worth it to have it delivered to the door.. and not worth it to take a taxi home – but still freekishly heavy to carry all the way home. (a 20 minutes walk.. even more when carrying heavy stuff)

So this.. ok, we call it thingie for now.. is what I would love to have.. How easy it would be!! But I have no idea if they even sell them here in Israel either. They’re more intended for kids though. But hey. The kids can go in it to the store – and all the stuff can go in it home and the kids would love to help me driving it home.. that would be like a game for them.

Or I should think bigger and want to have a car.. which I really do want.. but we kind of don’t see that coming yet..



  1. Wagon

  2. This is the best one for your needs. Like a mountain bike it has big tires and goes great over rough pavement. Its sturdy, and it carries alot.. including children!


  3. I would also say wagon. Or cart would be another word. Wagon came first to my mind though.

  4. A mountain bike would laugh his ass off to that description.

    hmm. I just wonder how to get one.. Should have to import one from the seventies. 🙂

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