¤ 127 Something about the Wedding

October 18, 2008

I was planning on posting something from our Wedding day.. and I thought about the song I wrote for hubby to sing on the wedding. Unfortunately I can’t find the text right now, and I don’t remember the song all by heart. I know we have it videotaped. but duh!! I’m not gonna look for that at the moment. Maybe some other time.. It was something about how he was talking to me.. and what I could see in his eyes. And how sure I was it’s gonna be us forever..
And it’s really true. I still feel the same way. 🙂

Well.. instead of the song I’ll let you see this.. our Wedding Picture.. almost 6 years ago. Seriously. We look like kids!! We kind of reached the level now – when you look at your wedding picture and you can’t help you’re laughing because it looks so funny.. so different. What you see on the photo is not any longer the same as you see in the mirror.

So here comes the picture:

We got married in the middle of the winter.. and the wedding day was freekishly cold and it was snowing a lot.. And there you have the reason to a wedding dress with long sleeves!! Dude was almost afraid to loose me and my white dress in all the snow. 😉



  1. You guys look just beautiful.

  2. Of course we do! It’s us!

  3. Beautiful dress, its always nice to see friends in the past when you didnt know them and then see them in the present… ah one day we have coffee for real!

  4. You know.. my mom made me that dress! She’s really talented. 🙂

    Yepyep. Coffee whenever we are geographicly close enough!!

  5. Compliments to mom, its a wow!

  6. You both look beautiful!

  7. Bojinx – Thank you! And welcome to my blog. 🙂

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