¤ 124 Birthday Party

October 17, 2008


Today we had a birthday party for the baby.. although her birthday is next week. But next week my parents can’t come. The birthday cake ended up being the least fancy cake this far this year.. but it was yummy! Our little girl got a carpet for her room from her grandparents. She was so happy she even took a few steps voluntarily.. 🙂

Not one single little tiny piece left from the cake.. The kids loved it.. They finished their piece before everybody even got started eating.



  1. Sure… none for me. I see how you are!!!

  2. I’m so glad everything went well. Yipee that she took more steps.

  3. *grins at Amber* I did steal some icing at least *sniff*

  4. Well done sanity! The intire cake was gone within 5 minutes. 😉

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