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October 16, 2008

Today I finally downloaded an ftp-program so I can upload files in a normal way again. I haven’t had one since I got the new computer almost 2 months ago. Download took like a minute.. duh! What have I been waiting for??

I never buy software for the computer. You can download almost everything for free if you’re ready to say good bye to Bill Gates. What I mean is that “normal people” don’t need Microsoft Office. Open Office works fine. You don’t really need photoshop if you aren’t a professional.. Gimp has all what you need. Legal and free.. can it be better??

You’ll find a lot of good stuff here.



  1. Hey, thanks for this site. I’ll have fun browsing there later today.

  2. We love that site but can’t live without my photoshop!

  3. No.. once you are used to a program it is really hard to switch. And also I think you would be considered as a professional.. and then it’s a whole other thing.

  4. Aye very true, thank you for calling me a pro I feel far from it lol!

    Do you use firefox? they have the add-on for ftp way easier

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