¤ 122 Fighting climate change

October 16, 2008

EU decided on banning regular light bulbs.. reason?? to fight climate change. By the end of the decade they will be gone. And all European Union’s 490 million citizens will have to use energy-efficient lighting instead.  Read more.

I wonder how this will affect us here in Israel.. I don’t even know from where we import light bulbs.

Ho no.. Hubby taught the kids that Thomas Alva Edison was the one who invented the lightbulb. Now he’ll soon have to teach them that the European Union was the one who killed the light bulb.

Well.. I’ve heard that the energy-efficient lightening is not so good for the environment either.. and that many people have problems with it since the light is so white. And people who have dimmers will have to switch the whole system.

So in a couple of years when we go to Sweden to visit relatives.. we won’t bring regular souvernirs from the Holy Land.. The only souvernir they will long for is a regular light bulb!! Don’t you think? 😉



  1. lol…. I think I should stock up on blue light bulbs before the ban hits here… I don’t know what Ill do to be honest!

  2. I wrote about this not long ago and I went and found some of the bulbs Amber told me about and I love them. I’ve been to Walmart twice since and I think I have enough for two years. I just hate those “energy efficient” bulbs too and they have mercury in them which makes getting rid of them hard. They have to be recycled differently. I just love these blue bulbs. Thanks Amber.

  3. Blue light bulbs? huh? I’m not sure I have even seen that. link somebody?

    Amber – I’m just curious.. For somebody like you. Are the energy efficient lamps a problem for you because the light is unnatural and too bright? Then I really understand that you don’t know what to do when this ban hits the states.

    Btw. It would be very interesting to see statistics on how people stock up before they stop selling them…

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