¤ 121 Party and fever

October 16, 2008

Tomorrow we’re planning on a little birthday party in advance for our little girl. Her birthday is only in another week – but my parent’s won’t be able to come by then. So we’ll have cake tomorrow.. and then just a tiny little cake on the real birthday. I have to decide on what kind of cake to bake for her too… I had really no time to think about it.. and it makes it harder that I don’t have so many colors to play with. I’ve got to buy more colors.. some time.

Now.. we don’t know if we can have the party tomorrow. Like an hour before the kids went to sleep I saw Efraim when he was playing in the garden.. and his cheek was so red.. So I asked him to come in so I could have a look. I thought that maybe he fell. But turns out he has an eye infection and fever, and red cheeks.. and probably something more. Poor little boy. I hope we can still have the party for the baby.. we’ll just see how he is tomorrow. I just hope it’s not the ears again. Last winter he was treated with antibiotics for ear infections five times.. that means – every time he caught a cold he got also an ear infection. Now he has a cold.. and we’re waiting to see if the fever is only because of the virus.. or if it is the ears again. Poor thing.. I feel so sorry for him every time this happens. He’s so sensitive.. has always been sick a lot in the winters. 😦

oh well.. I should go to sleep now.. We never know how much sleep we’re gonna get.



  1. I told you what to do for the ear infections right???? Poor baby.. those hurt. I get them alot too and they suck!

  2. Yes.. you told me. Myself I have no idea. I don’t have any memories of having ear infections.. but sure it’s painful.. that’s clear. And he gets so high fever from it too.

    Though at the moment it doesn’t seem like an ear infection. He is feeling better today.

  3. The two worst kinds of pain are ears and teeth. Poor little guy. I’m glad he seems to be feeling better today.

    What do you mean when you say you don’t have “colors” to play with? When you say you need to buy more “colors,” do you mean cakes?

  4. Food coloring Joy

  5. Yes.. food coloring. I’m usually covering the cakes with sugar paste in different colors.

  6. Oh, now I feel like a dope!!! LOL!!!

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