¤ 120 Problem with neighbor solved

October 16, 2008

Apparently our neighbor is also a human being.. I just don’t understand why whe couldn’t be nice to me.. only to my husband. Oh well… problem solved. I’m not the right kind of person to take this.. I don’t know how to put my words. I don’t know what to say.. and if I know what to say – I don’t know how to say it because of the language barrier. And if I would know what to say – and how to say.. I would be to shy to say. And if I have the courage to say… I hear the words come out from my mouth – not at all in the same order as I intended.. It doesn’t sound good.. it’s not what I meant.

So… it’s good to have a husband who knows how to talk with people.. Who can actually say what he means.. somebody who people respect.. in some way. Myself I’m so bad at this.

I tell you.. you who know me only online would probably not even recognize me if we met IRL. It takes me time to feel comfortable. With friends I’m quite talkative.. but when there are more people – or people I don’t know.. I’m shy.. and people don’t get me at all. If I say something.. it’s probably something nobody is interested in.. or it’s about what they talked about half an hour ago.. because that’s about how long it takes for me to find the courage to open my mouth.

Now.. those who really know me – IRL will not recognize this description.. because you know me in another  way.

I have no idea how this post ended up like this.. but I don’t care.



  1. You need a hug! Come here!

  2. It’s such a pet peeve of mine when people are ugly like this with women and the husband goes over and everything is hunky dory. But I guess the bottom line is the problem is solved. I wish she would have been nice to you too.

    I’m quiet in real life too unless I know you. I also have a problem getting what I mean out of my head and on the keyboard. Don’t worry, your doing fine. I agree with dude, here *hug*

  3. Hubby is cute… she has a crush!

    As for you.. gf! Dang you are sooooo funny and interesting! You don’t give yourself nearly enough credit. When you let your sense of humor fly you have us all laughing!! Come on now. You are beautiful and smart and you have LOTS of people who love you. Even a really weird American!

    Plus you make beautiful babies… what else is there??? (Have you seen some of the ugly babies out there… yuck!)

  4. Amber.. you don’t know me IRL. I’m much more confident and open online than in real life. Though with true friends I’m ok too.

    No seriously.. I don’t think I have seen ugly babies.

  5. I know how you feel. I can charm people, given the time; I like to tell stories to make people laugh, and this worked well, until I met my husband’s friends. For years they made me feel shy and inadequit, even telling my husband two weeks before the wedding they wanted to set him up with some one. Any ways, I’m trying to say, in a long winded way, F them. I think we are more the people on line then in real life, and if those others can’t see how smart, funny, and sweet you are, then that’s their loss. So ha.

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