¤ 118 Less holi holidays..?

October 15, 2008

So.. Now.. what’s going on? We’re celebrating Sukkot for an entire week but not all days in the holidays are actually “holi” days?? Yep! Right.. Today we’re back to normal day. Kids are off from school – but many parents are back working. Some shops open – some closed.. and you can’t be really sure the bank, post office etc. will be open just like a normal week. But maybe??

Dude is back to work for the rest of this week.. he even has a lot to do. And I stay home with the kids.. It’s hard to have the time and energy for my studies when all kids are home full time. But it’s also so good to have them home for a couple of weeks.. to spend more time with them. It’s totally worth it. We need it – and they need it.

It’s always raining at least a little during the Sukkot week. Yesterday we had a very hot day… unseasonably warm – or as I say “unreasonably” warm.. with air all humid and sand filled.. makes it hard to breath. And then in the evening the temperature dropped, and it started raining a bit. So now our sukkah is without carpets and lights.. we had to take them in since we use lights that are meant for indoor use.

Today is a lot cooler.. actually really nice weather if you ask me. I’m fed up with the summer and I’m longing for cooler weather. Oh no.. not longing for winter.. only for cooler weather.. just enough to start to use shirts with long sleeves and sleep with blankets.



  1. Awww you did the weather in F for us plebs! Thank you! Though I do read in C too! LOL!

  2. yep.. more than half of my readers are americans, so then I try to be “nice” to them .. though when it comes to feet, inches, yards, cups and all what there are I’m totally lost. :/

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