¤ 119 Lazy crazy ***!!

October 15, 2008

Gaah.. I’m just soo angry..

The nighbors came here and compained about that we let the kids eat breakfast in the sukkah. Now – according to the law you shouldn’t make noise and desturb the neighbors between midnight and 06 am. We would never let the kids out before 6. But since they are kids – and they wake up early, it’s hard to wait longer than 6.30.. or maybe 7. But these neighbors are retired and want to sleep until 8 or 9. And apparently they want to ask us “tiny little favor” and make sure the kids shut up until then. Yeah right.. Everybody with kids knows this is impossible.. And also you can’t change their sleeping hours only for a couple of weeks and then change back. Doesn’t work. We can’t wait with giving the kids breakfast for so long. And why should we take away from them the happiness of eating in the sukkah – when sitting in the sukkah this week is a COMMANDMENT. Also.. the morning is the only time in the day when it’s cool and nice to be out.. later it’s sunny and hot. For us it’s a sacrifice to wait until seven to let them out.. but that’s not at all enough according to our lazy neighbors.

Yeah.. I also suggested to this lady that they could go to sleep earlier themselves instead of complaining at people who are going up at a totally reasonable time for working people. But no.. they couldn’t – becuase they are apparently grown-ups who have more important stuff to do in the evenings.

Lazy crazy russian bitch!!

Ok.. now I have been upset about this for about an hour.. maybe I should calm down a little.



  1. Jeeeeeepers dang pity you don’t have a dog to throw the poop over the wall *oops* oks or get the kids to take over a cake or something and then see how they act – face to face with your cutie pies should melt the hardest stone hearts…

    It is unreasonable beyond words to expect kids to a) be quiet and b) starve so they can sleep… that is just plain sick and wrong!

  2. I’ll give her a piece of my mind when I come home.

  3. I agree with Sanity. It’s unreasonable to ask the kids to wait for breakfast. You just can’t mess with their schedule’s for a few weeks. No sir, that doesn’t work with kids.

    GRUMPY people make me so mad. Good luck dude!!! Don’t give her to much of you mind though!! LOL!!

  4. Some people are simply not worth it. Let the kids out at 6 a.m. tomorrow. You and they are protected by the law. If they are going to be idiots… well fine then!

    I used to have neighbors who let their children out at 6 a.m. to play in the garden. That was all year round. She used to scream at her kids. Now the only reason this used to upset me was A. the yelling, and B. As I don’t sleep I would finally fall asleep and they would wake me. Still, I never said a word. In the afternoon, if she was yelling and could tell she was overwhelmed with the kids, Id take her over cookies and stuff to calm her down. Poor kids.

  5. Buy earplugs for them and give them as a present 🙂

  6. Dear cousin, I understand that you are upset – I would be too!! But, no matter how mad you are (and I hope you don’t mind me writing this). Please, do not call anyone a bitch. No one deserve to be called “a female dog”, it’s the lowest you can call a woman… I like the idea of sending the kids over with a cake 🙂

  7. […] – she’s not that bad October 15, 2008 She came by earlier today when I was at work and complained to my wife that we let the children out and make noise in the garden at 06:15 AM. When I came home from work I […]

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