¤ 116 Cutest baby ever…

October 14, 2008

This post will be all about our little baby girl… who is seriously not so much baby any more. Within a week and a half – she’s gonna be 1 year old. Can you believe that?? Time is passing so fast. It really feels like she was just born.. like if that morning when she entered the world like a projectile was when.. yesterday??

She’s our blondest.. I don’t even know where that came from.. blonde and blue eyes.. well  the blue eyes are actually running in both families.. but neither of us have it.. And she’s also blonder than both of us.. and blonder than the other two.. We’re sometimes joking about that we were out of ink in the printer – when we printed her..

She’s just the cutest baby ever.. a wonderful personality.. the cutest little girl you can ever think about.. When she wakes up in the morning we hear her sweet little voice.. no crying – no screaming.. just talking with her stuffed animals.. giggeling, “singing”. She doesn’t mind even if nobody comes to pick her up.. she can stay in bed in her room for half an hour.. still happy – hardly never complaining.

Once up she’s like a wind.. She’s never where you last left her.. within a second she’s in another room.. probably in the older kids’ room – where she is not allowed to be.. And she announces “ajajajaj”  – yes she knows very well she’s not supposed to be there. She’s looking at you.. smiling.. very aware that you’re gonna take her away from there.. With big begging eyes she’s trying to convince you to just smile and let her stay.. and you can’t be mad at her – because she’s just a little baby..

She is independent.. she loves to play with her siblings. But when they are at kindergarten she has no problem to play intependently… very easy going.. but with a strong will. She knows what she wants.. and she doesn’t give up, when she decided on something.

She is almost walking.. sometimes even taking a few steps. She could walk – I’m sure. But she doesn’t want to try. Instead she’s walking with a very weak and unstable plastic shopping cart – in one hand – and her poodle in the other hand.. smile reaching from one ear to another.. I’m sure she soon will be walking without the shopping cart. She just needs to find out she can do it. I guess we should be happy she isn’t walking yet.. Once she starts walking we’ll have to run after her. 🙂 

When I put her new clothes.. or a nice dress – she is looking at what she is wearing.. and then she gives up a happy .. I don’t even know what to call it.. “noise”? She is so aware… and thankful.

In the evening when she is going to sleep she can be (again) talking with her stuffed animals for hours.. no crying.. no screaming. just giving up some shouts of joy.. again talking with her dog, or lauging at who knows what. But sure she would be cranky and crying if we would take her up. Isn’t that weird.. ? A baby that actually voluntarily spends a couple of hours/day alone in her bed?? Well when I think about it there has been times when the other two have done that too.. I think it’s a sign that they feel safe.. They don’t have to climb on us all the time to feel good.

We have a good baby recipe.. they are just adorable.. sweet.. amazing…



  1. I’m at the computer with her right now, reading this to her, dubbing it to Swedish. She says thankyou, she loves you too. At least that’s what I think she meant when she pointed at the photos of herself making happy noises.

  2. This is such a beautiful post. What an adorable child. Yes, you do it well. All of your kids are darling. They grow so fast and I’m happy to see you are enjoying it. Some people want their kids to hurry up and grow but it goes so fast as it is. Enjoy it while you have it.

  3. Awwwww.. gosh… that fills my heart. Honestly. You guys do make beautiful babies. Comes from beautiful parents!

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