¤ 114 Today I’m a Looser

October 12, 2008

Yep.. done with the shopping for sukkot.. I went today in the evening when hubby came home from work. I’m very tired today.. I was just about to practice on those “puppy eyes” to get hubby to go to do the shopping for me.. But at the end I decided on going myself. It is just much easier.. then I don’t need a complete list (complete list = exact size and amount of everything.. including the cherry tomatoes!!)  And no matter how short the list is – he calls me at least twice – and goes: Heeeeeelp! about something that is not clear enough.

So I went… and did the shopping.. And when I was just about to put the shopping cart back some lady stole it from me!!! Well.. I could have tried to run after her – claiming that I wanted my 5 shekels back. But no.. not today. Today I’m a looser. Let’s say it’s worth 5 shekels to avoid arguing with people when you have a bad day.. but still.
Why do people have to be so mean sometimes??

I btw. have to practice on saying good things about my husband..  I think I even promised that next time I would say something good.. but that’s just less funny.
The last days I myself have been kind of mean.. Though I don’t mean it. I only do it because he is so sweet. Men don’t have to be so cool and macho.. I love the fact that we aren’t like those stereotypes.. I’m actually not so much making fun of my husband.. more the “rules”. To be honest – he would drive me crazy if he was just like me.

anyway.. sorry hunny. Next time you make fun of me. ok?



  1. I make fun of my husband all the time; why else would I marry?
    And I have to make out those kinds of lists for my husband too with specific brands so I know he gets the right one. It is so much easier to do it yourself. I’m sorry about you losing the shekels.

  2. Really? I can make fun of you? Ok, now I need to think carefully…

  3. You’re not suppose to be like everybody else, then you wouldn’t be yourself, right? 🙂
    My man stands behind me nauseateing when I clean the bathroom sewer/drain and laugh myself silly everytime! It’s all about humor in a relationship, otherwise it would be rather boring I think.

  4. You know, you don’t really make fun of him more than he justly deserves…..lol

    He’s kinda like gum at the bottom of your shoe… kinda gets attached and you can’t quite wipe him off. Then you sorta get used to the stickiness…lol

    Maybe that woman needed the 5 sheckles more than you did. Go with God I say! Ill pray for her.

  5. P.S. the shopping is a total male thing. My husband is exactly the same way. Every single item has to be exact – or meltdown happens! The whole world stops.

  6. Sorry been quiet just crazy hectic right nows Mwah!

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