¤ 113 Building sukkah, part 2

October 11, 2008

Ok. Here comes the next part.

Time for walls and “roof”. This time I did the work and dude was jumping around with the camera. Just good he took not less than 87 pictures, since he thought it was supposed to be pictures of his wife in all kinds of different angles – rather than pictures of the building of the sukkah. Well at least he got a few of the 87 right.

And we’re done with the walls.

And done! See how happy dude is… 🙂

Now there are only a few things left.. The decorations!! – We will do that together with the kids on Monday morning.. And of course one more thing- to actually use the sukkah, to be there.. to eat in there – every day during Sukkot.

Chag Sameach

Btw. more photos will be available for friends on facebook.



  1. Så fint det blev!!!

  2. […] the next holiday comes up. It’s Sukkot. The Feast of Tabernacles. We have already finished building the Sukka. We’ll do the decorations on Monday with the kids. The kids must be a part of decorating. […]

  3. Wow.. you could hire yourselves out as pro sukka builders! I wonder if there is money to be made there?

    Love the picture of you peeking through the blue tarp – so cute. The crocks on both of you are a crack up too!


  4. Naa.. women here are “not supposed” to do such things.. so I don’t think it would work.. and I think we are busy enough.

    Though I like to annoy people by beeing the one in our house who is using the hammer drill, painting, fixing electric things etc. 🙂

  5. This is very neat. I was glad to have learned about it. You two are indeed very cute together.

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