¤ 111 Building sukkah, part 1

October 10, 2008

Today we started to build our sukkah.

Here is dude.. trying to figure how to get started.

Yeah.. he looks happy. But seriously.. he has no clue what he is doing.. See – dude isn’t the most practical man in town.. I think he has two left hands and no right. Sum of the cardamum – I’m the boss of the sukkah building. But he sure looks better on a picture.

Sorry hunny for telling this. Love ya!

Anyway.. here’s the next picture. Done with the “skeleton”!

And that’s how it still looks.. now 22:37.. We’ll keep you updated..



  1. Are you poking fun at me? You know, the camera never lies. It is pretty clear who is building. Me! Me! I am the man! Muahaha!

  2. lol… wow… all this and he can blog too! Go Dude go! What a manly man you have there Cheesy 🙂

  3. ho no! You know the reason there are no pictures of ME building? Because he doesn’t know how to handle the camera!! (plus I don’t let him try)

  4. btw. I showed him this post before I published.. I would never “hang out” him this way without asking.

  5. Angry African would look just as at home in this pic as your Dude does! Amazing how many two left hands are out there! Same reason why I am taking all the pics too. At least they are not alone!

  6. Just what is a sukkah? It looks like it will be a tent of awning of some kind. You two are so cute. My husband has too left hands also. Abroad is right, there’s a lot of it going on.

  7. A sukkah is the temporary dwellings we live in(mainly eating in) during the holiday of Sukkot. You’ll see more pictures later.
    You could also read Lev. 23:42

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