¤ 107 Breaking Fast

October 9, 2008

Due to a bad head ache I had to break the fast already at lunch time today.. After food, coffee and pain killers I felt a bit better. I hate to admit that I can’t fast.. Same problem every year. Well the last bunch of years I have been either pregnant or breast feeding at Yom Kippur.. which is a good explanation, but this year I didn’t have those excuses.
Oh well.. nobody can do better than their best. But why do I have to be weaker than normal people?

Dude made it until the end.. though also he had a head ache..

No my head ache is back again, and we’re out of pain killers.. Dude went to see if the little store next to us was open, but it wasn’t. Gnn.. I kinda’ had plans this evening.


One comment

  1. I think that there is a rule about fasting that you should not do it if you are not physically able. You can instead do a symbolic fast. Do a protein drink so you don’t get a headache.. but no food.

    Poor baby. Put ice on the back of your neck between your skull and neck. Lay down in a quiet space. This will take your headache away.

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