¤ 105 Hitler and Marx

October 8, 2008

Yep!! I think I’ve got the subject for the B-essay in History.. I’m gonna in some way compare Hitler and Marx. Both The communist manifesto and Mein Kampf are available online. Though I’ll have to read them first and then decide what to focus on.

Yeay.. these are books I anyway wanted to read! Everybody involved in history, politics etc. should probably know more about them.

hmm.. will be interesting to see if my teacher is saying something about this idea..
Nothing is for sure yet.



  1. Add photos to this post! They’re easy to find!

  2. done

  3. You know, these are very interesting characters indeed. Their thinking, and their belief that they were “saving their countries”. They did not believe themselves evil. They believed themselves saviors which is something that fascinates me.

    Good luck sweetie.

  4. That’ll be a great paper. You have tons of research out there to help you.

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