¤ 102 Pictures from back then..

October 5, 2008

Soo.. I’m gonna show you some pictures of dude. I didn’t take them myself – but they are from around the time when we met the first time..

This is from when he was 18..

Last but not least a picture from a couple of years later when we got engaged



  1. Aww.. my glasses and my spikes! Those were the days…
    First pic is from my 18th birthday. On a restaurant with mom. Now how many people spend their 18th birthday with their mom?

    Second pic! Awww… that white thingie necklace I’m wearing! I used to love that! Great view of Tel Aviv. This is from when I was in Yafo. I used this pic online all the time to hit on girls with. Still, I dunno, my nose looks kinda big.

    I like the third, with the flowers. It’s a great background. And I didn’t have any gel in my hair that day, because I wasn’t expecting any photos. So the hair looks unnaturally natural.

    Isn’t the forth one the one you kept in your wallet, and someone thought you had cut it out of a magazine? My head almost exploded when you told me that… still, I kinda look like a murderer on that one… I’ve ditched the glasses and I’ve started to wear that necklace with the star of David.

    I had decided to loose the spikes the minute I joined the army service. That last photo is exactly that military haircut. Aren’t we cute together?

    I know you’re using this to make fun of me. But come on people, I don’t look that young and childish, do I?

  2. Jeez, he looks 12!! 😀

  3. I know!! I told you he was just a kid!!

  4. Lol eish ol’ boy you need a tan in one of them I thought there was sunshine in Israel? You two look adorable together and its fab seeing the “old” you two, makes it somehow less computerfied humanish and more reality.

  5. Han är jättesöt! Jag hade glömt att jag tog ut honom på restaurang när han fyllde 18 – var det verkligen bara vi två? Mysigt! Det ser ut som Rimon Café, vårt favoritställe

  6. These are great to look at. He looks like such a youngster. Thanks for sharing these.

  7. Sanity.. the “old” us two you’ll see pictures of only in 50-60 years. duh!

  8. Hey, i recognise that photo with the blue background…

  9. Ok, Tuvia, you look not-so-childish in the last picture! ;D

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