¤ 101 How I met my husband. part 2

October 4, 2008

So I went back to Sweden.. went back to routine. Everything was like before, with the only little difference that I had a new friend.

We met again in the summer. He happened to be in Sweden. And just because we both went to.. let’s say a big gathering of people.. we met again. If we hadn’t been in the same part of the country (wich we weren’t the rest of the time he was in Sweden) we wouldn’t have met this time..

We didn’t have much time together.. kind of bumped into each other twice. We went out for maybe half an hour.. in the middle of the night.. just chatting, joking etc.. We ended up at a parking lot filled with cars not only from Sweden.. but from different countries. And since we are a bit crazy we wanted to find out from which countries the cars were.. The only problem was – that it was pitch dark!! Well… we solved the problem by lightening up the license plates a little with the display of our cellphones. (you have to go really close to do that) This is a perfectly normal behavior.. huh??

Soo.. We were having a good time.. we had fun.. we were friends. That’s it. And he went back to Israel.

Ok.. this is starting to be boring now so I’ll skip almost a year and we get to May 1st, 2001.

My friend.. my best friend.. the one I went to visit in Israel.. asked me in an email if something was going on between me and dude. And to be honest.. I had been thinking a lot lately. But I didn’t really know what I wanted. The thing was that all the excuses I had had for not falling in love with him… I kind of didn’ have them any longer.. I changed, he changed, things changed.. I was busy looking for more excuses but didn’t find any.

We didn’t talk about feelings yet.. so to be honest I had nothing to say to my friend.. and I ended up telling her. “Don’t worry, nothing is going on between us.” I knew also that she shouldn’t have been impressed at all if I told her something was going on. She still knew him as that childish boy.. that was everything I was not looking for.

Anyway.. I brought it up with dude.. and to be honest I don’t remember how that conversation ended.. but I think the conclusion was that we had some kind of feelings for eachother. We were going to meet for a few days in the summer. So we waited to see… My dad could clearly see I was in love. And don’t ask me how.. but he knew Tobias was Mr. Right for me – long before I knew it myself. He is scary sometimes.. He just knows things.. not first time – not last time.

Summer came.. and we met again.. Five days together. 3 of them with my family – 2 of them with or friend’s family.
One thing led to another.. and after some misunderstood hints we ended up kissing.. Still no strings attached.. If it had been up to him we probably would have decided on that we were a couple already by then. But I wanted to think. Or I didn’t want to think.. I wanted something else. I wanted to make sure that if we would do this – it would be for the rest of the life. I didn’t want to enter a relationship if it wasn’t meant that we should get married. And I wanted to wait to see that dude really was serious about it.. that we wanted the same thing. Also I knew it was a big step. To enter a relationship with him would mean that I had to change all my plans.. and move to Israel. To ask him to come to Sweden was out of question. I would never ever forgive myself if I would cause a Jew to leave Israel.

He went back to Israel.. and we decided to think about it.. and in the meanwhile not see other people. 1,5 month later.. we decided over ICQ that it should be us – forever.. so that’s it. August 31st, 2001. That’s the day… But we didn’t get to meet IRL again until December 28th.

We met again in March and got engaged, and in September and planned the Wedding.. And then in December 2002 we got married – and I moved to him in Israel.

I’ll just skip the details about the year and a half from when we became a couple until we got married.. Anyway we spent most of the time apart. We were living in different countries until the day we got married.

I guess Dude will add some when he writes his side of the story.
So.. keep your eyes open!



  1. You don’t remember how that conversation ended?? First time ever we talked about feelings? Ok, yes, I really do have to write my side of this story.
    And we kissed first time on Friday the 13th of July 2001.
    We met IRL first time on December 28th 2001 – and we didn’t know it was exactly one year before the wedding. And we wouldn’t believe it if someone had told us either… we were still thinking marriage around 2006.

  2. Just beautiful and heart warming, truly… a warm fuzzy story that shows people that it is still possible to find true love and that it is still possible to be happy AND married.

  3. Wow.. what an amazing story of love. God has a plan… 🙂

  4. I’m happy you liked it.. now I’m curious about Dude’s side of the story. Come on now darling!
    No more sex until you are done!

  5. […] worse unjustifiably angry.  Handwritten letters with the personal touch or friendships that form life long relationships.  Little hands holding within their grasp Forgiveness, Compassion, Empathy… humanity, we can […]

  6. Bah! You think you can control me that way? Just threaten with no sex and I’ll just do whatever you want me to do? Well I don’t think so, missis! There’s dishes and studies to do. I need to be the responsible one here. I’m not going to take the precious time to write that blog post when I can get important stuff done. I don’t care if there’s no sex. I can live without it. I can live without it for months if I wanted to… really I can… you’ll see… uhm…

    However, I just happen to WANT to write the post right now… *writes it*


  7. huh.. if you wanted to.. yes. But there’s the thing. You don’t.
    I could. YOu can’t! Mwah!

  8. Hum, när man läser era kommentarer åt varandra förstår man varför Henning har en helt annan bild av er än jag har. Vi får nog pallra oss ned snart så vi kan träffas alla fyra o H får lära känna er. (PS hangillade videon på brölloppet skarpt)

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