¤ 100 How I met my Husband, part 1

October 4, 2008

I was 18.. I went to Israel to visit my best friend, who happened to live here for a while. Only a month before, I had broken up with my first boyfriend.. a relationship that lasted about 4 months. I had a really hard time by then. I always had the idea that my first boyfriend would be Mr. Right.. and when it hit me he wasn’t – I had a really hard time. I blamed myself for being so stupid.. for letting it happen so fast. If I would have waited a little bit – I would never had entered a relationship with that guy.

Well.. When I went to Israel to visit my friend I was pretty much over it.. enough to enjoy the trip at least. I was totally fed up with boys.. and a boyfriend was the last thing in the world that I was looking for at that moment. I had two wonderful weeks together with my best friend, her parents and sisters, and two other friends from Sweden(friends of my friends’ little sisters) We were camping, hiking, and had a lot of fun.

And then came the last days of our trip.. We went to the south for a couple of days.. We went to the Dead Sea.. the flours cave, and ended up sleeping in the desert… in the moonlight close to Amrams pillars. 
I remember especially how my hair was.. First water from the dead sea.. and before it got a chance to dry we were already in the flours cave.. and I got a lot of dust in the hair.. and it ended up like cement. No matter how much I tried – I couldn’t get a brush through my hair. Impossible!! So try to picture it.. 18 year old girl with a dirt-brown tan, braces, ugly glasses, big forehead.. all the hair backwards held together with some kind of cement…

Now.. the day after we went to Eilat to the coral beach for snorkeling. And guess who we bumped into?? Yep.. Dude!! Well.. maybe not “bumped into”. My friend knew him from before, and they knew there was a chance he could be in Eilat. So they called him and asked if he wanted to join us snorkeling.. And seriously.. Which 18-year-old guy would say no to go snorkling with 6 girls?? Of course he came with us!

And now.. take back the picture of me.. that’s how I looked the first time I met Dude!

I’ll tell you what I remember from that day..
He was only a little boy.. shorter than me, talkative, and quite charming. He was trying to figure some problem related to changing schools.. so he was talking a lot in his cellphone – all in Hebrew of course, and I of course didn’t understand anything. To me he looked kind of wild.. different,, hard to define. I had never met anybody half Swedish/half Israeli before. His knowledges about Swedish kings were deeper then my history books from school, and he was interested in all kinds of crap and really knew how to discuss whatever. That’s how I remember him from that day.

The same evening we gave him and his sister a ride back to Jerusalem.. that’s 4-5 hours. And the whole way we were talking, talking, talking. My friend gave up after only maybe half an hour. And I tell you – she is not the one who would give up usually. She is talkative too.. but this time that didn’t help. Me and dude kept talking all the way back to Jerusalem. He was also playing with my hair.. that was now finally clean (five big loads of shampoo later) – and before we got there we switched ICQ-numbers to be able to keep up some kind of contact.

He was a funny friend.. But he was only a teenager.. and he was not my type of guy.. He was to childish.. and into some things that I really didn’t like.. that I’m not even going to mention here. He was the kind of guy that I could share everything with, talk with about whatever.. laugh with.. But when my dad asked me if I had a crush on him my answer was Never ever in my life! And that was totally honest. He was like the best friend I could ever have.. but definitely not boyfriend material.. and that didn’t bother me either  – because as I told you.. I was not looking for a relationship. I was happy being single.

And then I went back home to Sweden again..




  1. Noooo! When is the next one coming! What a beautiful story. We are damn lucky to be married to the people who share our lives and love. Thanks for sharing. Really just beautiful. I can just picture him! Now… number 2 please? Pretty please?

  2. It will come.. be sure! And dude will also give his side of the story some time. 🙂

    GLad you liked it.

  3. You had also made yourself that promise, remember? Never ever any more any long distance relationships… 😉

    I’ll write my side of the story soon enough.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, you have a way with words that puts it all in my head as if I am watching a movie. So glad you both found each other!

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