¤ 99 New look on the way..

October 3, 2008

Today we went to an optical store (is that what it’s called?) to get me new glasses.. as I told in an earlier post I’ve had these ones since I was 15. And after the test we got a perfect explanation to why I feel kind of blind once in a while, and have a hard time reading. The new ones will be ready to pick up already by Sunday afternoon. So.. on Sunday my world is gonna’ change!

And Sunday is btw the day when we switch back to standard time… The baby did a good start already by waking up this morning only at quarter to eight. We’ll have to work on the other two I think.. They are usually getting up at six.. wich means FIVE standard time.



  1. I’m so happy for you getting new glasses. It will make such a difference for you. I remember I went a long time without new glasses and when I got my new ones, it was like a miracle. Make sure you let us know how you like them.

    I hate changing our clocks ahead. I love the daylight longer.

  2. Yep.. I like daylight longer too..
    But worse of all is that the Fridays are so short in the winter.. It’s hard to get the time to finish everything before Shabat.
    Nothing to do about it though.. I have to get used to it and maybe start the preparations alreday Thursday.

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