¤ 98 Oh well..

October 2, 2008

I just had this evening’s History class..
Interesting as usual.. The teacher is slowly slowly guiding us towards how to write an essay.. Going through theory, method etc..
And then today he said something that kind of ripped out my only idea for an essay.. and trew it out through the window. And then he said what we should do for the next week is to start to think about what to write about. Piece of cake.. huh?

Well.. this was for the best.. he is so right! I just have to come up with something else.. something more appropriate. Don’t take me wrong.. I’m not mad at my teacher. I’m thankful I know this already now.

After throwing out my idea through the window.. I came up with another one – even more interesting. But I think that one might be just too big.. and it’s wrong in the same kind of way as the first idea.. gnn. Maybe something to save for next year..

Oh well.. no time to sit and roll the thumbs. (sorry for word by word translation..)



  1. Good luck. I always felt that half the battle was finding a topic, one with enough meat for the teacher and interesting enough for you to spend hours researching and writing. If you ask for help from your teacher, be careful; they always try to give you a bit more than you can chew.

  2. Rolling the thumbs is – twiddle the thumbs in English.

    You’ll figure it out. Im confident in you sweetie.

  3. thanks..
    Yes.. I guess I’ll find something out. No luck this far though.

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