¤ 95 holidays are nice

October 1, 2008

We’ve had two nice days of rest.. trying to keep the kids occupied a little bit with play dough, new toys from hubby’s grandma’ .. and resting as good as possible.. though that’s not easy. Eating tasty stuff etc.. Good that we don’t have holidays all the time. We would get fat! I tend to bake too much cakes and stuff.

Only a couple of days and we’ll have weekend again. Wow.. this is a nice week!!

Oh well.. 4 essays to read this evening. I was planning on reading two yesterday and two today. But I sort of skipped it yesterday.

See ya!


One comment

  1. Yumm baked stuff.. 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Its nice just to play hooky once in a while huh?

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