¤ 94 Sweet as Honey

September 29, 2008

Shana Tova uMetuka to all Jewish readers, and all others who want to join us in the new year – 5769. And to all others – this is the real New Years Eve. So come on! Grab an apple and some honey, a shofar and a pomegranate and enjoy!

We wish you a happy, sweet, wonderful, great and hundreds of other synonymes to that – year!

We’re now all stuffed with apples, apples again, and honey, and apple & honey cake. *burp* Wow, that was really something!

We have TWO days off now.. two days with only us.. only me, hubby and the kids.. as far as I know no other plans. Only uninvited guests are invited for this time. 

-So do you want your coffee with milk?
-No thanks, I want it without milk.
-Sorry I don’t have milk. You’ll have to take it without cream instead.



  1. Shana Tova uMetuka to you, hubby and the kids. I hope the year to come is filled with an abundance of blessings, laughter and memories filled with meaning! *hugs*

  2. Shana Tova uMetuka to you as well. Have a great two days off. Do something fun like have a pillow fight.

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